Коммуникативные ролевые игры

Wizard's killer

Silence. Loudly breath.
Unseen steps of death

Double sword, I'm dual,
Nineteen year old
Can you see my Naifal?
Can you see cursed gold?

I'm on duty of law.
I'm the only warlord,
My name is Melnior,
And Naifal is my sword.

I'm the killer in night,
I'm assassin of mages.
You can see my great fight,
That will reign in all sages.

I will kill them at last
I will do my torture,
They can't weave any cast,
They can't curse and can't cure

After all, I'm the one,
I'm defender of you,
I'm a warrior of sun,
I'm a bringer of true.

Hail to motherland,
Hail to raging steel,
Listen my command -
Stand to die and kill.

Read my name on shield,
Hear my voice in night -
Cross the battlefield
I'm a lonely knight.

Nineteen - year old assassin,
Double strike: Naifal - Melnior,
My great mission Gods are blessing,
I will kill forevermore!

I will win or will die,
Young crusader of light,
My shield is twilight sky,
My sword is wind of night.

I'll for limit -
Let them feel my attack.
To one mage - my one hit,
Make a warn to my black.

Silence. Quietly breath,
Greeting you, my death!

©Стас Морозов (Астрахань 444-507 или через админа)


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